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Glogou Disaster Recovery Plan


Glogou follow the following Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) to minimize downtime and data loss with the end goal of maintaining business continuity.


Emergency Response: Glogou use Amazon server for its daily backup procedure to an off-site location. In the event of data loss, the procedure to restore the data from these backups would be enacted.


System Restoration: In case of server failure, the procedure could involve switching to a redundant server located in a different geographical location.


Communication Plan: setting up an emergency communication line group chat or a call line for all key personnel about the status of the recovery effort.



Roles and Responsibilities: designating a specific IT team member as the Disaster Recovery Coordinator for initiating the DRP, coordinating recovery efforts, and communicating with other team members.



Having both DRP and BCP plans in place ensures Glogou is prepared for both the immediate effects of a disaster (the "disaster recovery" part) and the longer-term task of getting back to normal operations (the "business continuity" part).