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Glogou Remote Work Security Policy



The purpose of this document is to define the standards for connecting to Glogou's network from any host outside of Glogou's corporate network. These standards are designed to minimize the potential exposure to Glogou from damages which may result from unauthorized use of Glogou resources.



This policy applies to all Glogou team, contractors, and agents who use, access, or otherwise manipulate Glogou data and systems outside of Glogou’s premises.



Secure Connections

All remote connections to Glogou's network must be established using the company-approved Virtual Private Network (VPN).


Device Security

All devices used for remote work must have up-to-date antivirus software and firewalls installed and enabled.


All sensitive data stored on the device must be encrypted.



Access to all systems must be protected with multi-factor authentication (MFA).



Employees must adhere to the company's password policy, which requires the use of strong, unique passwords that are changed regularly.


Incident Response

If a security incident is suspected, the employee must immediately report to the IT department according to the Incident Response Plan.


Training and Awareness

All team members must complete an annual security training that includes a section on secure remote work.