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Glogou System Data Input Validation and Error Messaging Documentation



This document details Glogou system for data input validation and error messaging.

These features are designed to ensure the integrity of data entered into the system, improve user experience, and enhance overall system security.


Data Input Validation

The system has several mechanisms in place to validate data input from users:

Format Validation: The system checks the format of the data entered by the user. For instance, email addresses must match the standard email format (i.e., [email protected]), and dates must follow the prescribed format (i.e., DD/MM/YYYY).

Range Checking: For numerical inputs, the system verifies whether the entered values fall within the allowed range.

Presence Check: Required fields must be filled out, and the system will not proceed until these fields have data inputted.

Sanitization: The system sanitizes input to prevent code injection attacks. Special characters that could be interpreted as part of a command or query are escaped or removed.


Error Messages


When data fails the validation process or if a system error occurs, the system provides error messages to guide the user:

Informative: Error messages provide clear and concise information on what went wrong and how to correct it.

Non-revealing: Error messages are designed not to reveal any sensitive system information that might be beneficial to malicious users.

Examples of error messages include:

Invalid input: Please ensure your email follows the standard format ([email protected]).

Required field: Please enter a value into the highlighted field before proceeding.


In summary


Through rigorous input validation and user-friendly error messaging, Glogou system ensures a high standard of data integrity, security, and usability. Users are guided towards providing the correct input, and potential security threats from malicious input