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Glogou Media Handling Process


The Glogou media handling procedures ensure secure handling, storage, transportation, decommissioning, and data sanitization, in compliance with industry best practices and regulatory requirements.


Inventory and Classification

Glogou maintains an up-to-date inventory in AWS cloud, they are classified based on the sensitivity of the data they store, using AWS resource tags.


Handling and Storage

Glogou utilizes AWS's built-in security features to secure data at rest. This includes:



When data needs to be transferred, Glogou uses secure methods to prevent unauthorized access:


Decommissioning and Data Sanitization

When a digital resource reaches its end of life, Glogou follows industry standard to decommission and sanitize the data:

AWS's DMS (Data Migration Service) is used when data needs to be transferred to a new storage location and the old one decommissioned.


Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

Glogou media handling procedure is designed to comply with all relevant regulatory requirements. Company uses AWS's compliance reports and resources to ensure ongoing compliance.



The procedure is reviewed and updated regularly to account for changes in the organization, technology, or regulatory environment.


This media handling procedure helps Glogou to make full use of AWS's capabilities